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Valade, S., Ley, A., Massimetti, F., D’Hondt, O., Laiolo, M., Coppola, D., Loibl, D., Hellwich, O., Walter, T.R., Towards Global Volcano Monitoring Using Multisensor Sentinel Missions and Artificial Intelligence: The MOUNTS Monitoring System, Remote Sens., 2019, 11, 1528

About the project

MOUNTS is a project initiated in april 2017, whose aim is to develop an operational monitoring system for volcanoes worldwide using satellite imagery. It currently focuses on processing of Sentinel-1 (SAR), Sentinel-2 (SWIR), and Sentinel-5P (TROPOMI) data.

The project is lead by Sébastien Valade and funded by GEO.X, in partnership with TU-Berlin (Computer Vision & Remote Sensing group, Prof. O. Hellwich) and GFZ (Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes section, Priv. Doz. T. Walter).

The first months of the project have been dedicated to the development of a unified Python framework, to manage data download, processing, archiving, and web-publishing (maps and timeseries). Current developments focus on calculating meaningful parameters which can inform on the state of the volcanic activity.

MOUNTS is strongly inspired by the operating MIROVA system, with which tight collaboration are ongoing. In particular, the algorithm used to detect hot pixels within the Sentinel-2 SWIR bands is developed by a collaborative research with the MIROVA group (University of Torino and University of Firenze, Italy).

Use of the data

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